Backgammon Openings

Backgammon Openings is a beautiful hardcover book with a colorful dust jacket and a foreword by the legendary Paul Magriel. In addition to the expert testimonials below, you can read Book Reviews by Neil Kazaross, Julian Fetterlein and others.

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What other top experts say about this book:

The best backgammon book today, for players of all levels.
Falafel Natanzon, Israel

A masterpiece fantastique… worth reading at least twice.
François Tardieu, France

The only place to get insightful explanations of early game play.
Neil Kazaross, USA

A significant advance in our understanding of the game… elegantly conveyed!
Bob Wachtel, USA

Incorporates in brilliant detail strategic concepts that players of all skill levels can apply throughout the game.
Dirk Schiemann, Costa Rica

Beginners and intermediates will learn a tremendous amount, and experts will learn a lot more than they would like to admit.
Mike Senkiewicz, USA

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