International Acclaim for Backgammon Openings Book

Acclaim for Backgammon Openings by experts around the globe

World rankings on the most recent (2005)  Giants-32 list are in parentheses. All of the biennial Giants-32 lists can be found at

“The only place to get insightful explanations [of early game play]… the discussions and comparisons of follow-up plays, which often show why a seemingly small thing can really matter, are extremely valuable.”
– Neil Kazaross, USA (#2)

“In backgammon, as in chess, the study of opening plays has taken a giant step forward. Understanding the pros and cons… will reap… a significant edge over the competition. Nack and Paul have spoon-fed you with a masterpiece fantastique that has a concise yet thorough narrative worth reading at least twice.”
– François Tardieu, France (#3)

“The best backgammon book today, for players of all levels.”
– Falafel Natanzon, Israel (#4)

“To bring your game to the next level, there is no more thorough study of the early game than Backgammon Openings. Master the concepts in these books and you will have a huge advantage.”
– Steve Sax, USA (#6)

“A valuable opening reference library. More importantly, though, it incorporates — comprehensively yet in brilliant detail — strategic concepts that players of all skill levels can apply throughout the game. This book will increase the tools at your command and significantly broaden your backgammon horizon.”
– Dirk Schiemann, Costa Rica (#8)

“The reader learns about the concepts behind the various plays [which can be applied] to many backgammon positions [not just the opening]. Good comparisons are made between similar positions… I like the scientific style of the book; it is easily readable, with one diagram to each position.”
– Johannes Levermann, Switzerland (#11)

“An excellent book on the opening… contains a wealth of reference positions. Highly recommended for all players looking to improve their game.”
– Peter Jes Thomsen, Denmark (#12)

“Playing 31… would seem through familiarity (‘Surely I’ve seen every combination by now !’) to be of little interest to the serious player. Not so! Nack and Paul show us a strange new world of unexpected choices. The deep insights they provide… will sharpen all your early game play.”
– Jake Jacobs, USA (#14)

“A terrific job, representing a significant advance in our understanding of the game! [Backgammon Openings] reveals any number of complexities and subtleties that even the world’s best players have hitherto been quite unaware of. My only criticism is that, due to the authors’ modesty, it is almost impossible for their audience to appreciate the tremendous amount of work that went into generating and organizing the information they so elegantly convey.”
– Bob Wachtel, USA (#15)

“This book will benefit all backgammon players. Beginners will learn a tremendous amount, intermediates will learn a lot, and advanced players will learn a lot more than they would like to admit. I can hardly wait for the sequels.”
– Mike Senkiewicz, USA (#19)

“This is a book that all serious players will want to have.”
– Walter Trice, USA (#23)

“Reading this book is the easiest and fastest way to improve without a computer.”
– Mike Svobodny, USA (#24)

“I recommend Backgammon Openings to everyone (like myself) who thought he already knew how to play the openings and responses. This book will improve your various backgammon skills.”
– Masayuki Mochizuki, Japan (#28)

“At last, a comprehensive, modern analysis of backgammon openings by two of the world’s best players and foremost theoreticians… This book is a must for every serious player.”
– Herb Gurland, USA (Perennial NEBC Champion)

“It is accurate, clear and insightful. I see nothing to disagree with in its content… an excellent piece of scholarship!”
– Danny Kleinman, USA (Author)

“I predict a widespread elevation in the level of play, directly attributable to this book!
– Perry Gartner, USA (Expert)

“Backgammon Openings is one of the best books that I have read about any game. If I ever decide to play backgammon seriously, I’ll have a huge head start.”
– Jim Kramer, USA (2006 National Scrabble® Champ)

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